4 Fish & 4 Tips to Fishing Them

News & Tips: 4 Fish & 4 Tips to Fishing Them

1 crappie1. Crappies

If action is slow, try slapping and splashing the water with your paddle. This tactic may seem crazy, but the commotion sounds like feeding fish and will often attract nearby crappies and white bass to your offerings.


walleye water 2502. Walleyes

Walleyes are notorious short strikers. They will often nip at a plastic worm or pork rind trailer. In such cases, a tail hook added to the end of the lure will often succeed in hooking them.


under water muskie3. Muskie

The best time to fish for muskies is during the few days surrounding the new or full moon. The big toothy fish feed heaviest at this time.



catfish 2504. Catfish

Like bass, catfish are structure oriented. Concentrate on deep washed-out holes, sharp dropoffs, points, humps, rockpiles or the mouths of tributaries when searching for this whiskered quarry.


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