Catfishing from a boat

The 5 Best Types of Bait for Catching Catfish

July 10, 2020
What are the Best, Easiest Baits for Catching Catfish? Using what we know as “artificial” baits, like crankbaits and plastics, is seldom the best bet for consistently catching catfish. All three…
Lady angler at Lake Fort holding up a larg white bass

Best Places to Fish in Texas: Lake Fork Reservoir

March 27, 2020
Lake Fork is regarded as one of the premier largemouth bass fisheries in the state of Texas and for the entire country. Created in 1980 by the Sabine River Authority, the lake provides ample cover…
Two catfish anlers

Fishing With Slip Bobbers for Catfish

July 23, 2019
Catfishing on the Lake or River Bottom. By M.D. Johnson Growing up years ago, the thought of using a bobber when fishing for channel catfish never would have entered my mind. True, my dad and I…
Angler netting a giant catfish off the side of a boat

Catch Giant Catfish With These Proven Fishing Tips

June 11, 2019
7 Proven "Catching Catfish" Strategies Fishing for big catfish is gaining fans in droves as anglers realize the cats offer their best chance to catch a quarry in freshwater that weighs 20-75 pounds…
Eric Haataja & Catfish, photo credit Eric Haataja by Eric Haataja & Catfish, photo credit Eric Haataja...

Ice Fishing Channel Catfish 101 with Eric Haataja

December 20, 2016
Ice fishing for channel catfish is growing in popularity. Channel catfish are plentiful, hard-fighting, and smaller ones make great table fare. We asked ice-fishing expert and owner of Wisconsin Big…
News & Tips: How One Angler Tackles Small Stream Catfish...

How One Angler Tackles Small Stream Catfish

July 30, 2014
Biologists in state fisheries agencies have stated that underutilized catfish populations exist in smaller creeks and rivers from Virginia to Texas. Catfish can live in any water but cold streams at…
News & Tips: Catfish Fillets: 5 Simple How To Steps (infographic)...

Catfish Fillets: 5 Simple How To Steps (infographic)

July 1, 2014
Fried catfish, hush puppies and coleslaw … that ought to set your mouth to watering just thinking about it.  But to turn a mess of blues, flatheads, or channel cats into supper you need to know how…
News & Tips: Catfishing With Trotlines and Setlines...

Catfishing With Trotlines and Setlines

April 11, 2014
To me catfishing is one outdoor event that should be a kicked back relaxing event. There are some hardcore intense catfishermen but I like to think about it as a sport to be enjoyed like Huckleberry…
News & Tips: Winging It for River Catfish

Winging It for River Catfish

March 21, 2014
The long rock wall jutted from the bank into the Mississippi River. At the wall's end, the river rolled around on itself to create a huge vortex. It looked like someone had pulled a huge plug from…
News & Tips: North America's Best Catfishing Waters...

North America's Best Catfishing Waters

March 7, 2014
North America encompasses thousands of lakes and rivers that produce catfish in extraordinary numbers and huge sizes. Coming up with a "best" fishing list is like trying to pick America's best…
News & Tips: Two Fish Species That Bring New Thrills Catfish & Gar...

Two Fish Species That Bring New Thrills Catfish & Gar

August 29, 2013
In the United States alone, 1,154 native fish species can be found. This being said, many anglers tend to focus all of their fishing attention on one or two species, often forgetting about what their…
News & Tips: 4 Fish & 4 Tips to Fishing Them

4 Fish & 4 Tips to Fishing Them

August 22, 2013
1. Crappies If action is slow, try slapping and splashing the water with your paddle. This tactic may seem crazy, but the commotion sounds like feeding fish and will often attract nearby crappies and…