Catch Giant Catfish With These Proven Fishing Tips

7 Proven "Catching Catfish" Strategies -

Fishing for big catfish is gaining fans in droves as anglers realize the cats offer their best chance to catch a quarry in freshwater that weighs 20-75 pounds on a consistent basis. Here are some tips on how to latch onto one of these whiskered inland giants.

Quick Tips for Catching Summertime Catfish & Easy Recipes

Summertime is channel catfish time across America. In lakes and reservoirs, fish the flat areas in 18 to 25 feet of water using shad, shrimp, dough balls, cheese, prepared baits, nightcrawlers, and even that left over hot dog from lunch.

How One Angler Tackles Small Stream Catfish

Biologists in state fisheries agencies have stated that underutilized catfish populations exist in smaller creeks and rivers from Virginia to Texas. Catfish can live in any water but cold streams at high elevations. These fish are adaptable to a broad range of current and turbidity conditions, thus their abundance. Also, they are extremely hardy, and they will eat virtually anything organic.  

Key to Catfishing Streams, Creeks & Rivers

The key to catching catfish in streams, creeks and rivers is to look for current breaks and present natural bait in a natural manner to catfish that lie behind large rocks, boulders, stumps, brush and points that break the

Catfishing With Trotlines and Setlines

To me catfishing is one outdoor event that should be a kicked back relaxing event. There are some hardcore intense catfishermen but I like to think about it as a sport to be enjoyed like Huckleberry Finn and Jim did it — laid back and enjoying nature on a lazy day.  

Winging It for River Catfish

The long rock wall jutted from the bank into the Mississippi River. At the wall's end, the river rolled around on itself to create a huge vortex. It looked like someone had pulled a huge plug from the river bottom, and all the water was going down an enormous drain.  

North America's Best Catfishing Waters

North America encompasses thousands of lakes and rivers that produce catfish in extraordinary numbers and huge sizes. Coming up with a "best" fishing list is like trying to pick America's best restaurants. It's darn near impossible, and lots of excellent establishments are bound to get left out.