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North America's Best Catfishing Waters

North America encompasses thousands of lakes and rivers that produce catfish in extraordinary numbers and huge sizes. Coming up with a "best" fishing list is like trying to pick America's best restaurants. It's darn near impossible, and lots of excellent establishments are bound to get left out. 

Drift-fishing for Monster Blue Cats

Most catfish anglers are "sit-and-wait" types. They find a shady spot on the bank where they can sit, toss out a bottom rig, lean their rod against a forked stick, and then sit and wait, hoping sooner or later something will bite. Something usually does, if they wait long enough. But hours may pass before it happens. There are times, however, when still-fishing from shore is totally unproductive.

Noodling Catfish in Kansas - Lessons Learned

I've never had a burning desire to catch catfish by noodling for them. I'd much rather use a fishing rod and reel and bait. Where I was raised there were just too many snakes and turtles but a new editor wanted an article on "noodling." I publish about 200 articles per year but still, you can't be an expert on every topic — even though a lot of writers try to act like that they are. What you do in situations like that is to find an expert and go with them.

Flathead Catfishing - Fishing Tip

If you want to catch heavyweight fish in freshwater, you need to take up flathead catfishing. Trophy-size fish are usually caught after dark because that’s when the big flatheads feed. Shallow feeding flats above and below a hole, or the inside turn of a river bend, are ideal. Place your bait at the head or tail of a hole just where it starts to deepen. The deep-to-shallow transition area along a shoreline flat is another prime stretch. Flatheads will cruise these areas all night looking for something to eat.