Flathead Catfishing - Fishing Tip

If you want to catch heavyweight fish in freshwater, you need to take up flathead catfishing. Trophy-size fish are usually caught after dark because that’s when the big flatheads feed. Shallow feeding flats above and below a hole, or the inside turn of a river bend, are ideal. Place your bait at the head or tail of a hole just where it starts to deepen. The deep-to-shallow transition area along a shoreline flat is another prime stretch. Flatheads will cruise these areas all night looking for something to eat. Commercial baits, nightcrawlers, chicken livers, and all sorts of homemade concoctions will catch flatheads. A bruiser flathead can strip gobs of line before you can turn it but if you keep the fish from
reaching cover and your tackle is strong enough, you will have outsmarted one of freshwater fishing's finest trophies.

Bill Dance is host of "Bill Dance Fishing"