Winter Catfishing

Bill Dance standing on a boat with a large blue catfish

Wintertime provides a great opportunity for you to catch some really large catfish.

First, catfish anglers decide the type of catfish species and the region in which you are fishing.

Bait too small will be ignored by the larger catfish and bait that is too large will not be taken by the smaller ones.
Using the wrong size bait can keep you from getting the most from your trip. Keep in mind that normally fishing near the bottom will get you the best results when you are winter catfishing.

You also need to be aware that catfish will move slower during the winter; move the bait at a slow even pace. Like most all species of fish, the catfish will gather together in groups even in the wintertime, so your first job is to find where they are congregating together.

Dress up warm and go catch a winter cat.

Bill Dance is host of "Bill Dance Fishing"