Stinkbaits & Catfish - Fishing Tip

News & Tips: Stinkbaits & Catfish - Fishing Tip

Fishing for catfish is becoming more and more popular across America. They can be caught on worms, minnows, goldfish, small bluegill, commercially prepared baits, and at times, even crankbaits.

Fishermen that regularly pursue catfish, though, tend to prefer their own favorite recipe for stinkbaits. What kind of stinkbaits? Well how about chunks of beef liver soaked in vanilla?

Think that sounds bad, what about pouring sheep, cow, or chicken blood into a milk carton, punching holes in it and then hanging it over their favorite catfish hole? Some cat fishermen will fish with pieces of sponge that have been soaked in the same blood.

The very best bait could be taking chicken or fish entrails, putting them in a jar with a tight lid and sitting it in the sun for a day or two until they’re just right. The smell will knock buzzards out of the sky but it does catch catch catfish.


by Jimmy Houston