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CajunFishingAdventures blogThough I've caught redfish countless times and in many places in my long angling travel career, I could have never been prepared for a destination that barely lifts an eyebrow by catching a hundred bull redfish in a day. And depending on the season of the year, those same numbers could be achieved with seatrout and sheepshead as well. Add to that some huge jack crevalles to top off the fishing and an excellent hunting program (Blast and Cast) and we're talking about a magnificent experience.

The reason for this plentitude is Cajun Fishing Adventure's location deep in the fertile Louisiana Marsh, a delta that is fueled by the massive river of the same name and the mighty Gulf of Mexico. With such a vast and resilient habitat, you simply cannot go wrong.

The entire lodge has accommodations for 35 people per night. The main lodge where I stayed sleeps 18 people, while the back lodge sleeps 11, and the fly lodge sleeps 6. And the demography of its clients is impressive: about 5,000 people per year. In addition, CFA's guests have been from 42 states and 11 foreign countries.

In the main lodge, I enjoyed their pool table as well as their large flat screen TV while plopped in one of the spacious plush couches. Behind my building was a delightful swimming pool and garden for any angler that desired some down time or an invigorating early springtime dip.

Guiding Services

The lodge has approximately 15 to 20 fishing guides who operate on an independent contractor basis. The vast majority utilize large (but) shallow draft bay boats that either drift, electric motor or anchor to sight cast or do targeted spot casting for redfish and seatrout. Many times during the year, the guides encounter vast schools of large black drum and some huge jack crevalles pushing 30 pounds. Amongst this majority of guides are subgroups who favor either bottom fishing with jigheads and shrimp, popping corks and plastic jigs (fished pure or shrimp-adorned), or doing strictly lures-only fishing for the bountiful numbers of local game fish. The remainder of guides own flats boats who pole and sight-fish with lures and flies only.

This venerable hunting and fishing lodge began operating in 1980. Its current location began in 2001 at 35427 Highway 23 in Buras, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.

Cajun Fishing Adventure
35427 Highway 23
Buras, Louisiana (Plaquemines Parish)