Tasty Smoked & Grilled Crappie Fish Boat Taco Recipe

Author grilling fish for Fish Taco Boats

One of the most popular species of fish to go after during the spring and early summer is slab crappie.

Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets
Traeger BBQ Wood Pellets

If you're not familiar with slab crappie, crappie have different names in different parts of the country and the term “slab crappie” is one of the names used by many. Slab crappie is a larger than average-sized crappie, measuring 14” to 16” in length. Anyone who has ever tasted these beautiful spotted fish will agree that when they hear the term slab, they are thinking of the mild taste of this slice of that white flaky fish meat.

Typically, anglers treat the filets from crappie like that of a hunter who has taken a spring turkey. They don’t usually share with others. However, I recently had a friend gift me some fresh caught slab crappie. I decided to prepare the crappie filets in a different manner instead of the typical deep frying method.

Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill
Traeger Pro 780 Pellet Grill

Deep-fried fish makes excellent fish tacos. However, I enjoy the taste of smoked fish made on my Traeger Grills Pro 780 pellet grill smoker, with Traeger’s BBQ Alder wood pellets.

The recipe I came up with is one that I like to refer to as Fish Boat Tacos.

Traeger wood pellet guide for different meats, veggies & bakedThe Traeger Pellet Grill and Alder wood pellets provide an excellent wood flavor to pair with fish. The result is a flavorful smoked fish that is exceptional to use with a fresh mango Pico de Gallo. Turns out my little experiment with fish tacos are some of the best I've ever assembled.

I sprinkled Taeger Fin & Feather rub on top of the crappie filets to give them some time to season with the rub while the smoker grill is heating up.

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Fish taco boats filled and lined up
Grilled Fish Boat Taco Recipe

The small taco bowls make it easy to hold and eat fish tacos at home, camping, or wherever your outdoor adventures may take you.

To try out my fish taco recipe for yourself, feel free to print off the attached recipe below. And, try out the Traeger meat rubs and wood pellets too!

Click here to print the Crappie Fish Boat Taco Recipe