Camping Couples: A Great Date

News & Tips: Camping Couples: A Great Date

CampingCouples blogMy late aunt, whom I highly respect, gave me a line of advice the year prior to my wedding — 25 years ago. Her words of wisdom rang through my mind numerous times since my wedding bells did. She said, "Never try to change her. Let her have her own identity, but if she gives you the chance, include her in every aspect of your world and vice versa." So following my aunt's advice, I offered an invitation to my young bride to join me on a camping trip. My wife accepted the invitation which led to many enjoyable and bond-building hours in the outdoors. At times, camping trips that merge with hunting and fishing excursions are intended for a buddy or two to get away for a dose of camaraderie. Those are fine, but a night or two in camping mode with your mate by your side is a special time you shouldn't miss out on.  

Unity is the passionate element vibrant in a strong relationship. Spending time in nature offers many displays of unity and how it all ties together. Watching mates of any species of wildlife reveals the natural definition of marriage. From animals, trees, wildflowers, waters, skies, and the interaction of them all gives a peaceful setting to spend time with the one you love — and possibly your best friend.

Camping and hiking are perfect opportunities for exploring new places, but regular participation boosts the physical fitness level as well. Of course, improved health is a benefit to boost any relationship including positive attitudes shared by happy couples. Don't be surprised if your spouse asks when the next camping trip is planned.

On the trail by either hiking or backpacking leads to much more than just another scenic overlook or other natural attraction. Every aspect of a camping trip, whether a one-night or multiple-night journey should include involvement from both of you. Planning the trip, packing for the trip, and participating in camp duties offers the best shot at your mate becoming your best camping buddy. When planning your couple's camping trip, ask your spouse what they would like to include as a "must see or do" priority on the schedule.

Introducing your mate to your beloved wildness and the sport of camping doesn't mean to take them by the hand and pull them along, but instead, walk side by side, hand in hand and share the thrill that lures you back time after time. It's a blessing to have your best friend, camping pal, and mate wrapped up in one person. Getting out there with that special person is as good as it gets.