Documenting the Camping Trip

News & Tips: Documenting the Camping Trip

DocumentingCampingTrip blogRoaming outdoors usually brings about surprises on a regular basis. As a freelance outdoors writer, I'm always working on assignments that put me in position capture many interesting photos. But sometimes the best photo opportunities occur when camera gear is not at hand. How many times have you said, "I wish I had a photo of that?" 'That' being a special moment or incident during a camping trip. Some of the most notable events on camping trips happen quickly and then forgotten. Unfortunately, our lives have become so busy, the important things in life seem to pass by us. With a few additions to your camping gear, you won't miss the opportunity when the next photo opportunity arises.   

Digital Cameras and Cell Phone Cameras

A useful item that should be on every camping packing list is a digital camera. There are many makes and models for just about any occasion that you will encounter. Sunny days, cloudy days, rainy days, darkness and even underwater activities can be captured with the most digital cameras and cell phone cameras. The ability to capture quality photos anywhere and anytime has skyrocketed over the last few years thanks to the built in cameras found in most cell phones. Many times, I have secured photos with my cell phone camera that resulted in photos good enough for use in publishing.

Most incidents are best captured on a still camera. But some actions are better recorded in video mode. The video camera has the ability to record other facts to entertain our senses such as sound. The drawback to using a digital camera or cell phone camera in video mode, is the battery is drained quickly. For a brief video clip of camping action is okay, but if you intend to record an hour or more of video, then a dedicated video camera and extra batteries should be considered.

Notes and Journals

A picture is worth a thousand words, but most photos need the help of a caption to tell the entire story. A simple pencil and notepad is all that is needed to accomplish this. A habit I have developed is to normally keep several small notebooks stowed away in various places such as in the vehicle, pack, camera bag and camping gear box. The best way is to keep a small memo pad in your back pocket, so you will be ready at any moment you need to jot that thought down. You're probably thinking, "Yeah right. Carry a notebook around all day?" Several years from now you'll be glad you did, when the notes stir pleasant memories.

The combination of photos and notes do more than provide a winter's day of indoors entertainment and a treatment for cabin fever. Future camping destinations or activities recorded in your camping journal, is the fuel for future adventures to document. Camping and its accompanying adventures are some of the highlights of our lives, spent with special people in special places. Don't let it be forgotten.