Fins and Feathers

News & Tips: Fins and Feathers

FinsFeathers blogOut of all the different seasons, fall time in the northwoods presents the outdoorsman with a plethora of hunting and fishing opportunities. Some people think that you have to put down the rod to pick up the gun but for the innovate sportsman combining fishing and hunting can equal double the fun.

When planning your next weekend adventure try and think how your favorite past times overlap. For example if you like duck/goose hunting look for flooded timber or ponds adjacent to trout streams. Nothing is better than sneaking in for a morning duck/goose hunt, then fishing you way home. Another idea is to fly fish upstream in the morning and grouse/woodcock hunt your way home. These trips are fun, easy and an excellent way to share in more than one activity. If fly fishing rivers is not your deal then setting up decoys on a small lake while floating out a bobber or two can be stimulating. I have known friends to come home with nice stringers of crappies while waiting for the ducks to fly into their spread.

To combine hunting and fishing activities sportsman do not need any special gear. It does help to have a good backpack that is comfortable to wear for packing gear in and out. A quality gun sling definitely will make this type of trip go a lot smoother as well and using a traveling fly rod that breaks down into several short section. The smaller the sections the rod breaks down into the easier it will be walking in the woods.

Combining your favorite activities like fishing and hunting can make for a fun adventure on your next outing. As sportsman we all rush to get as much in as possible in the fall season so these combination activities get you the most bang for your buck.