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Five Items to Keep Your Dog Safe & Happy in the Field & On the Water

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January 24, 2014
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Though hunting dogs and water dogs are naturally built to thrive out in the field and on the water, a few creature comforts can help to keep them happier and safer in these environments.

Below, check out our five suggestions of items for the outdoorsman and his dog:


dog lifejacket
A life jacket can provide extra flotation to a dog.

Dog Life Jacket.
A dog life jacket is a great tool, as it can provide much-needed extra flotation to a dog that’s fatigued, scared or having other problems staying afloat.This potentially life-saving vest is simple to use and won’t restrict your dog’s movement, making it fitting for regular use.





dog blaze orange hunting vest
A blaze orange hunting dog vest improves your dog’s visibility for both you and other hunters.

Blaze Orange Dog Hunting Vest. This blaze orange hunting vest improves your dog’s visibility for both you and other hunters. In addition, the padded vest shields your dogs from such field hazards as barbed wire, sticks and more.







dog boots
Use dog boots to protect your dog from the outdoors.

Dog Boots
Keep your dog comfortable away from home by providing the best protection from the outdoors Dog Boots protect your dog's feet from asphalt, gravel, rocks, cactus, hot pavement, snow, ice, mud, cold, sand burrs and thorns. provide the best protection from the outdoors.




dog jacket
Keep your dog warm during outdoor winter activities with a fleece jacket.

Fleece Dog Jacket. This insulated yet breathable fleece jacket can keep your dog warm during outdoor winter activities. It dries quickly, features reflective trim for improved visibility and is machine washable.






first aid dog kit
For minor injuries,keep a First Aid Kit for dogs.

First Aid Kit. In the instance that your dog sustains a minor injury, provide care with this First Aid Kit. The kit includes items such as a staple gun, stainless scissors, first-aid ointment, forceps, a pill gun, a cold pack and much, much more. The kit also contains a First Aid manual for dogs.


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