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Are You Tying Your Boot Laces Wrong?

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June 27, 2014
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Whether you're a hiker or a hunter, chances are you're wearing boots. But there's nothing worse than getting blisters on your feet after a long day trekking across fields or along trails.

The problem? First make sure your boots are the right size. (Check out 4 Tips to Buying the Right Boot and Shoe Size.) If the size is right, then move your attention to how you're lacing up your boots. Are you tying them the right way?

In this YouTube video from Backcountry Edge, you'll find some nifty ways of lacing up your boots to provide support for your ankle and heels.


For a list of different ways to tie you boot laces, goes over different techniques based on needs (i.e. pressure, narrow feet) and boot types.


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