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Travel: Fishing Costa Rica

There are many exotic angling destinations in the Western Hemisphere, yet there are few that offer the multitude of habitats, geography, fisheries, and broad socio-cultural spectrums that Costa Rica does possess. Where else can you find a country with an Atlantic mangrove jungle coast featuring surf, inlets and rivers with hordes of tarpon, two kinds of snook and a lush mountainous Pacific coast that teems with roosterfish, black snook, snapper, mahi, tuna and marlin along with some of the world's best surfing?

Travel: Fishing Bonaire, Netherland Antilles

As my first day of fishing Bonaire transitioned into afternoon, I found myself wading the shallow waters of a wonderland that felt unmatched by any other destination. The 180-degree arc in front of me and my guide Thomas set a table spread of visual treats: two wading flocks of mature pink flamingos, a tall beige lighthouse, a row of squat historic slave huts, and most importantly, seven or eight separate schools of bonefish grazing our way.

Travel Blog: Fresh Creek, Andros Island, Bahamas

Thanks, Facebook!

In the last few years, the world has grown profoundly more interrelated and accessible due in no small measure to the social networking web sites. During that span, I refocused my ancillary energies that accompany my writing from blogging to Facebook. My contacts in the fishing world grew larger at an exponential rate that was never possible before that.

Travel Blog: Long Caye Island Resort, Belize

I was onboard a silvery 737 bound for Belize's newest "offshore" flats fishing operation, Long Caye Island Resort. This venue was the most recent offering of the venerable Belize River Lodge, which was akin to the debut of Cadillac's launch of yet another exciting model.

Travel Blog: Deadman's Cay, Long Island, Bahamas

As we poled around the corner of a creek, we came upon a triangular sand flat surrounded by two channels that ran out to the sea. As the skiff eased along, Art Blank spotted some tailing bonefish 50 feet away in the "3 o'clock" position. Simultaneously, I spotted some huge bar jacks slowly swimming away from us in the "12 o'clock" position. After checking with the guide about the hardness of the flat, Art slipped overboard into 2 feet of water to stalk the bonefish. I climbed the bow of the boat as the guide pushed the skiff harder in pursuit of the bar jacks.