Boat Rigging

How to Choose the Right Trolling Motor for Your Boat

Fishing has long been known as a game of stealth. Putting yourself in the optimum position for making that next cast (while being extra quiet) can also lead you on your way to a hearty bend in the rod. These two characteristics are what make trolling motors a godsend for the fishing fraternity.

The Ultimate Guide to Picking the Right Anchor for Your Boat (infographic)

Whether you’re into fishing, waterskiing, or wilderness canoeing, it’s smart (and sometimes required by law) to have an anchor on board your watercraft. There are many reasons you may need to anchor the boat, SAFETY in wind and rough water being the most important! Boat anchors come in a variety of designs, and there are pros and cons to each. This Anchor Types chart will help you add up which is the right choice for your kind of boat and boating!

Fish Finders for Your Kayak, Canoe, or Jon Boat

Finding fish in extreme shallows is made a lot easier with a kayak, canoe or jon boat that can almost float in fresh dew, but what about those months when the fish are deep offshore? To be versatile year 'round, your paddle-craft or other flyweight boat needs some electronics to search out the depths.

How to Get Your Boat Up on Plane Quicker

Some boat and motor packages are just not happy combinations. They're slow out of the hole, slow on top end and suck up fuel like there's no tomorrow. They porpoise, they chine walk and they're tough to steer. While there's no universal solution for every combination, one device that helps many problem boats is known generally as the "hydro-foil". These foils or horizontal fins, which clamp or bolt to the cavitation plate of outboard or sterndrive, increase the size and improve the attack angle of this plate as the boat moves through the water.

3 Awesome Battery Chargers for Your Boat

Onboard boat battery chargers eliminate the issues of digging down into the bilge with a flashlight trying to hook up your deep-cycle batteries for an overnight charge so that you can get full power out of your trolling motor in the morning.  Once the charger is installed, you simply plug in one heavy-duty connection and you ca

Prop Selection Factors Every Boat Owner Should Know

Would you like to save fuel, get on plane faster, and beat your competition to the best fishing spots? Thought so. All boat owners can benefit from knowing a few boat propeller basics, but prop terminology has a tendency to sound an awful lot like math.