Power-Pole Boat Control

News & Tips: Power-Pole Boat Control

Gary Parsons Power PoleLast month, I covered how I rig the bow of my boat for optimum boat control. This month, let’s look toward the back of the boat. 


One thing on our fishing boats the past couple seasons that stands out (literally), is our Power-Pole Shallow Water Anchoring System. When these first came out, you only saw them on bass boats and in-shore saltwater rigs, but walleye fishermen are learning every year that these can be an invaluable tool to help you in so many walleye fishing situations. 


Not only is the Power-Pole an awesome shallow water anchoring system perfect for keeping you in place for shallow water pitching and casting presentations, but since they introduced the Drift Paddle last year, the applications to walleye fishing increased significantly. 


For instance, consider a situation where you need to troll really slowly, like 1 to 1.75 mph. With the Mercury Pro-4 Verado 300 mounted on our Nitro ZV-21s, we can get the boat to troll down to a speed of about 2.8 to 3 mph. By deploying the Power-Pole with the Drift Paddle attachment, we can slow down to 1.7 mph. And by using this setup, it allows us to operate from the console seat as opposed to standing at the kicker motor all day, which in big waves can be a real advantage.


Bottom line is, with the proper tools for boat control, you’re much better equipped to get your Next Bite!


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by Gary Parsons