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Fish Finders for Your Kayak, Canoe, or Jon Boat

May 17, 2016
Finding fish in extreme shallows is made a lot easier with a kayak, canoe or jon boat that can almost float in fresh dew, but what about those months when the fish are deep offshore? To be versatile…

How to Get Your Boat Up on Plane Quicker

May 4, 2016
Some boat and motor packages are just not happy combinations. They're slow out of the hole, slow on top end and suck up fuel like there's no tomorrow. They porpoise, they chine walk and they're tough…

3 Awesome Battery Chargers for Your Boat

May 4, 2016
Onboard boat battery chargers eliminate the issues of digging down into the bilge with a flashlight trying to hook up your deep-cycle batteries for an overnight charge so that you can get full power…

How Trim Tabs Can Improve Your Boat Performance (video)

March 14, 2016
Trim tabs can cure performance problems in many boats that are overweight or underpowered, and can also help boats that are ideally packaged to better performance and greater comfort in many…

Use a Drift Paddle to Position Your Boat Over the Right Fishing Spot (video)

March 23, 2015
So many walleye fishing presentations rely on boat control to position the boat over the right spot at the right speed in order to get bites. To accomplish ideal boat control walleye anglers have…

Prop Selection Factors Every Boat Owner Should Know

February 13, 2015
Would you like to save fuel, get on plane faster, and beat your competition to the best fishing spots? Thought so. All boat owners can benefit from knowing a few boat propeller basics, but prop…

Power-Pole Boat Control

March 26, 2014
Last month, I covered how I rig the bow of my boat for optimum boat control. This month, let’s look toward the back of the boat.    One thing on our fishing boats the past couple seasons that stands…