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Watch Out for Dangerous Creatures When Kayak Fishing

July 25, 2016
Kayak fishing is lots of fun but in many cases it can be dangerous because of the creatures around you. These are few of the most dangerous creatures you could meet while kayak fishing with a few…
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4 Types of Lights for Night Fishing

June 24, 2016
Anglers across the hemisphere are seeking solice from the summer heat. The best way to do that is night fishing. More and more folks want to try night fishing and I don't blame them. During your…
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How to Fish a Topwater Lure From a Kayak

June 9, 2016
When the weather gets hot so does the topwater bite. What many anglers don't think about is how to fish a topwater lure from a kayak. Not all boats and applications of the techniques are the same.…
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Frolicking Frog Forays

July 18, 2013
Master wordsmith Spencer Turner said it best, when he said: "The celebration of food, captured from wild environs and presented to family groups and tribes, was what defined Homosapiens, the human…
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Frog Gigging: Hunting Bullfrogs During Summer (video)

June 13, 2013
A small game animal on my summer hunting list is the bullfrog. I tried bullfrog catching (we call it frog gigging, bullfroggin’ or simply froggin’) for the first time when I was around 15 years old,…
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3 Ways to Cook Frog Legs Plus Recipes

June 11, 2013
Frog gigging is a great way to spend your nights, but what’s next once you’ve reached your limit and it’s time to pack it in for the evening?  After all that hard work, a frog legs feast is in order…
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Frog Gigging and the Art of Catching Frogs (video)

May 10, 2013
Jason Parsons sat on a camp stool on the bow of a 20-foot long narrow jon boat with his gig poised and ready for some frog gigging action. I inched the ancient boat slowly forward with a 16 foot gig…