Frog Gigging: Hunting Bullfrogs During Summer (video)

News & Tips: Frog Gigging: Hunting Bullfrogs During Summer (video)...

A small game animal on my summer hunting list is the bullfrog. I tried bullfrog catching (we call it frog gigging, bullfroggin’ or simply froggin’) for the first time when I was around 15 years old, and have been hooked ever since. It is honestly one of the most entertaining and fun things to do during summer time. Not to mention fried frog legs are good to eat! In Kansas, bullfrog season opens the 1st of July and runs until the end of October. This type of hunting requires simple and inexpensive equipment. All you need is a smaller sized LED flashlight or headlamp, old shoes that can be cinched down tight and you plan to never wear again, and a laundry sack.

headlamp princeton
Princeton Tec Vizz LED Headlamp

Froggin’ is best when done at night. So, wait until it gets pitch black, then make your way to a pond. When you get to the pond you are going to hunt, get in the water and work your way around the ponds edge about 15-20 yards out (if possible), shining your light up on the bank and in the tall grasses near the edge and up ahead of you. Bullfrog’s eyes illuminate when light hits them like a cat or deer. When you spot a bullfrog, ease your way towards it and when you get about 10-15 yards away, shine your light right into their eyes. This puts them in a trance and allows you to get within striking distance. Be sure when you commit to catching one, you are quick and firm with your grip. I have had multiple bullfrogs slip out of my hand due to their strong hind legs and slippery skin. Be sure to check your states bag limit on bullfrogs. In Kansas you can keep and clean eight.

1 arrow pointTip: Frog season occurs when most of the next generation of frogs has been produced. This is the best time when hunting frogs won't do irreparable harm to the resource.

As a little side note, BE CAREFUL! Luckily, here in my home state we don’t have many venomous water snakes (if any in western Kansas) and we definitely don’t have alligators. These types of wildlife can hinder your bullfrog hunting capability, I understand that. If you live in states that do have these types of animals, and are brave enough to get in the water, please be aware that these reptiles like the water too and are very active at night! Also, don’t get into any small body of water that has been sitting stagnant for an extended period of time. This type of water usually carries a lot of bad bacteria that can make you sick.

Please be sure to check with your state seasons, rules, and regulations before you do any type of hunting. You can easily access your states hunting/fishing license website through All you need to do is select your state, to access all your states regulation information.

Happy and Safe Hunting !!


Watch Video: First Time Froggin' by the MISSOURI DEPARTMENT OF CONSERVATION