Kelsey Konrade

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11 years 6 months

Home: Ashland, Kansas
(dad) Larry, (mom) Susie, (little brother) Kole
Hunting, Fishing
Rifle / Bow:
I use it all! I really love bow hunting

Hunting Stuff

Years Hunting: I started tagging along with my data at a very young age. I actually started hunting myself though when I was about 6 years old. My first hunting experience was doe hunting.
Favorite Technique:
Spot and stocks are always fun
Hunting Strength:
I am pretty patient and sometimes a little patience goes a long way.
Favorite Game to Hunt:
Turkey or deer. It's hard to choose between the two, so I say which ever one is in season
Favorite Hunting Gear:
RealTree camo, RedHead snake boots
Favorite Places to Hunt
Kansas (both western and eastern), eastern Colorado
Favorite Season to Hunt:
Spring turkey. It's hard to beat having a strutter so close that you can hear him spitting and feel the vibration in your chest from him drumming. It is such an adrenaline rush.
Favorite Time to Hunt: Peak of the whitetail rut in Kansas, which is usually in November. You can sit in a tree stand all day and have continuous action
Favorite Way to Hunt: Bow hunting out of a tree stand during the peak of the whitetail rut

Career Highlights

Biggest Kill: 182" gross whitetail deer or 186" gross (typical) mule deer
Greatest Hunting Achievement: When I killed my first buck with a bow in 2009! I had killed doe's, but really waned to kill a buck, and I did. I took him down with a pretty pink and white fletched arrow that I had fletched myself. It was a great accomplishment.
Favorite Hunting Moment: Anytime time I get to spend with my dad is awesome. We share some pretty great memories because of hunting and the outdoors in general. I can't wait to make more memories with him and share them with more people.