Quick Tips for Maintaining a Turkey Box Call Sound

News & Tips: Quick Tips for Maintaining a Turkey Box Call Sound...
box call maintenance

Take proper care of your turkey box calls and it will last for many turkey seasons.

A good turkey box call is very important to your turkey hunting success. Proper care in the field and maintenance before, after, and during turkey season will make it into an invaluable piece of equipment in the turkey woods for many years.

The first thing to remember with maintenance is to keep the call’s surfaces clean and don’t ever use sandpaper on it because it can change the tone of your call. Handle your box call carefully. Keep fingers off the striking surfaces, the edges of the box, and the underside of the lid. Skin contains natural oils, which can also affect the sound and life of your box call.

Use box call chalk only on the underside of the lid. The beveled edges of the turkey call are important in its design. Using chalk on edges could wear them down.

Blow out the sound chamber of your box call from time to time too. This will get rid of any chalk dust that might have settled and give you a better sound.