Fish Hunting aka Bowfishing

You read, you watch, you yearn for hunting time. Equipment is checked and inventoried. As you practice your 3D shooting, you think of August antelope, September elk, and October whitetails.

To help relieve the pain of waiting, try fish hunting. There are few things more enjoyable than bowfishing on a hot summer day.

Nearly every lake or river across the country has carp, gar, or some other local rough fish that come into shallow water this time of year. Fish hunting for them will help keep your eye sharp for the hunting seasons and offer plenty of sporting fun.

Bowfishing equipment is relatively inexpensive and can be added to your regular hunting bow. Most bow fishing takes place from boats but it is also possible to walk river banks, ponds, and lake coves in search of your quarry.

Fish hunting is a great way to pass the time until the arrival of fall bowhunting time.


Jerry Martin is a Member of the
RedHead® Pro Hunting Team