Fishing Around Rocks & Stumps

News & Tips: Fishing Around Rocks & Stumps

The pros and cons of fishing near rocks and stumps are explained by Jerry Martin, member of the RedHead© Pro Hunting team.

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Fishing near tree stumps jutting out of the water just might land you a bass or two.

When you’re out bass fishing, a single rock or stump jutting out of the water might not get you too excited but you just never know when you might find a bass or two resting there as they travel from a feeding area to major cover.

I like to cast a crankbait just beyond the rock or stump and then run it back as close as I can get to them. You can also throw a plastic worm or lizard or grub up real close and drift it deep. Twitch it back to you real slow.

Try sneaking up on the rock or stump by cutting your motor and drifting up to it or trolling quietly up to it. Now drop your bait down and jig it. If there are any bass there, they won’t be able to resist it.

Stumps are always better than rocks because their roots provide cover for bass and baitfish.