Shotgun Tips for Turkey Hunting

A 12-gauge shotgun with a 3-inch chamber is probably the favorite of most turkey hunters, but a 20-gauge will also do a good job at reasonable ranges, and its lighter weight and recoil make it better for women and young hunters.

No matter what turkey gun you use, you need to do three things before taking it hunting. First, shoot it at a turkey head target to make sure it hits where it is aimed. Guns that shoot nearly a foot off the point of aim are not unheard of and that means a missed or wounded bird.

Individual guns can be picky about shot size and load. Try several loads to find one your gun shoots best. Finally, find out how far your gun shoots a good pattern. That is your maximum range.

The “best” range for most 12-gauge guns is about 40 yards and 30 yards for a 20-gauge. Use whatever load of shot works best
in your particular gun.

Jerry Martin is a Member of the
RedHead® Pro Hunting Team