The All Day Turkey Hunting Sit

One of the reasons I love turkey hunting is the very act allows you, no begs you, to be somewhat mobile. Running and gunning for deer is a tough proposition, but turkeys are tailor-made for in-field travel.

However, especially when bowhunting birds, you might not find yourself as mobile as possible. You might also find yourself hunting a small woodlot, which does not allow you to cover much ground.

In either case, and many others, it is necessary to sit & wait. This is not the most enjoyable way to turkey hunt, but can be very productive if you choose your spot wisely. An all-day location has to provide several things, the first being the promise of action throughout the entire day. Forget setting up under a roost, or in some cases, in the middle of the most prime food source.


Scout out some in-between areas. These are often open clearings or field edges positioned between chunks of timber, and will attract birds throughout the day. They are also often strutting zones, which are ideal spots to spend your time.

The best way to find these spots is through plenty of observation. There is nothing I like better than spotting a lone tom strutting at noon. He is there for a reason, and that reason is he thinks a few hens are likely to come through and be attracted to his display.

You do not actually have to witness a tom strutting in a spot like that though, you can also find tracks and wing-drag marks in the dirt. In some situations you can run a trail camera to monitor activity while you are not there. In still other circumstances, you might not be able to witness wide-open activity. That means getting into the woods and sitting, which is harder to do.

It can also be productive, especially as the season progresses and the woods bud and bug out. The birds will bail on traditional feeding grounds and start to fill their crops in the cover. I like open ridges between suspected roosts where I have confidence nearby birds will hear my calling.

No matter what your scenario, put in some preseason scouting to determine the best all-day location. Turkey signs and turkey sightings go a long way toward settling down in a single spot for some sit & wait turkey hunting.