Trucker's Hitch Knot

The Trucker's Hitch is a system of knots that gives you leverage to take up slack. It is a good knot for securing things to your car and should always be used with synthetic rope of appropriate size. A self-binding knot, the Trucker's Hitch is popularly used for attaching canoes to car tops, or a tarp to a trailer. Also, the knot is very easy to untie.



1. Take a rope that is attached to an object on the opposite end, such as a post or the roof rack on your car.  

2. Form a loop with your fingers about four inches from the attached end. Twist three times.

3. Form another loop further down the rope, and bring the second loop into the first loop. Then tighten the rope.

4. Run the end of the rope through the second loop. Tighten.

5. Wrap the end twice more around the rope, in the area below the second loop. Proceed to complete the knot with two half hitches around the loop.