Two Half Hitch Knot

Two Half Hitches is a reliable knot and will hold whether or not under load. It is exactly what its name implies. One Half Hitch and then another tied on top of the first. The Two Half Hitches knot is perfect for hanging clotheslines or hammocks between two trees or posts. Great overall knot for securing items - used a lot for camping and cargo.


1. Pass the end of the rope up through the ring from below.
2. Pass it behind the remaining end (standing part) of the rope.
3. Bring the end back up and pass it through the eye of the loop you formed.
4. Pull it tight to complete a half hitch.
5. Pass the end of the rope behind the standing part again.
6. Bring the rope back up and through the second loop you have formed, to make a second half hitch. Thus completing the Two Half Hitches.