Getting Ready for Coyotes

News & Tips: Getting Ready for Coyotes

GettingReadyForCoyotesBC blogIt is no secret among hunters that interest in coyote hunting has skyrocketed in the last decade. Why not? Coyotes are more populous than ever, after decades of being hunted, trapped and poisoned. The crafty critters have shown their adaptability to mankind's torments offering a challenging pursuit to hordes of hunters who want something to do in the off season.

So, how does a hunter go about getting into coyote hunting? It is fairly simple to get started. No doubt, the guys who got into coyote hunting early in the game began by utilizing the hunting equipment they already possessed. An individual can still do that these days as well. However, like many other pursuits, coyote hunting is highly addicting. You will most likely purchase specialized coyote hunting equipment once you have given it a try and determined you have become a bonafide coyote hunter.

In the meantime, break out your favorite shotgun or rifle and use it to hunt coyotes. More than once, I have had coyotes come running in while I stroked a slate turkey call or blew a mouth call. Once I discovered it would work, I began using a mouth turkey call to squeal like a dying rabbit. Coyotes responded beautifully. And my turkey gun and heavy turkey loads worked wonders, as well.

Recently, I have discovered that the high-end waterfowl loads serve as great coyote medicine as well. After a recent snow goose hunt , I tried my Federal Black Cloud 3-inch shotshells on coyotes. I changed the choke in my shotgun from an improved cylinder choke to a full choke and felt good about shooting coyotes to 40 yards.

Calls are a fun addition to coyote hunting. Again, a hunter can use turkey calls or whatever call he has, which can produce the sound of a dying rabbit or some type of distressed animal. Throw in the addition of your favorite camo and you are ready to chase wily coyote.

Scouting is important in coyote hunting, just like any other type of hunting. Public lands normally have ample coyote populations for hunting.

wolf coyote compare
It can be difficult to tell the difference between a wolf and a coyote.   compare by, wolf and coyote photos ©David C. Olson


Too, farmers and ranchers may be reluctant to let you deer or turkey hunt, but many will willingly allow you on their lands to pursue coyotes. And you may then eventually gain permission to hunt other species.

Visiting a possible hunting area at night is one sure fire way to find out if coyotes are using the area. A simple howler will normally fire them up, if they have not been howling on their own. Otherwise, look for tracks, scat and kill sites.

Once you have determined that coyote hunting is for you, simply visit your nearest Bass Pro Shop. You will be flabbergasted at how much coyote hunting gear is available. Name brand companies like Primos, H.S. Strut, Haydel, Johnny Stewart, Foxpro and others make quality standard calls and electronic game callers as well.

My next planned purchase for coyote hunting equipment is one of those slick looking, tricker out, camoed, predator hunting rifles, unless of course, my wife thinks my beginning level shotgun is still good enough for coyotes.