Coyote Hunting Tips: Thoughts After a Hunting Trip

News & Tips: Coyote Hunting Tips: Thoughts After a Hunting Trip...

A couple of rancher's in Kansas wanted me to go coyote hunting with them. I've been tied up with trade shows for I don't know how long but finally had a free spot. So I jumped in with Trace and Spud Nuckles.

If you've never hunted in Kansas, don't scofflaw it. There's some good country over there. And we weren't even out in the best spots that Kansas has to offer. I was surprised. I don't want to say that we needed my spotting scope but it's nice country.

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If you really want to up your game, try using a bow on a coyote hunt. It may take a while, but it can be done.

We set up first on a granite ledge overlooking a dry creek bottom. Since it was noon we figured they'd be holed up and there was a good chance that they'd be close by since we set up in the middle of the woods. One of us should have had a shotgun.

If you've never called coyotes, you'd be surprised at how many times you look around and see one within 20 yards. If there's more than one shooter, it doesn't hurt to have one of them carrying a shotgun loaded with HEVI-Shot Dead Coyote shotshells. They are unbelievable.

For this hunt we were testing some Tink's products. We had their aerosol Rabbit Urine Hot Shot Predator Attractant Spray and their B-Tech Odor Eliminator Spray. Ninety-nine percent of the time coyotes are going to come in and then circle downwind and try to scent you. When possible, set up so when they come in downwind there'll be an open field so you can see them or they'll be too far away to do so.

On this hunt we used Montana Decoy's Kojo Coyote and Rabbit. I forgot to do it this time, but I think that it's best if you pin a feather on the rabbit so it will wobble in the wind and draw attention to it.

Nothing came in so Trace hit his crow call. All the more reason to throw in a shotgun. We had a pretty good bunch drift in. He had just bought a Johnny Stewart electronic remote call that seemed to function fine.

We moved another time or two setting up those times on the edge of the brush lining some big open grassy pastures. I like hunting these types of spots at dusk/daylight since coyotes like hunting mice in these types of fields.

In one of these setups Trace spotted a coyote coming in across a small opening probably 400-500 yards away. It then had to cross 300 yards of heavily wooded creek bottom to get to the little meadow in front of us. We never did see him again.

Most people will jump spots every 15 minutes and 30 minutes max. The majority of your dogs coming in within the first five minutes. Could they come in after 30? Sure, but it's not the norm so jump fast so you can cover more ground.

We had quite a few howling around us but we never got any in. Right at dusk we moved spots and were half way picking a spot to call when they started howling not over 100 to 150 yards over a rise. I whipped up my Burnham Brothers Mini-Blaster but for the life of me couldn't get one to come in.

We went over to where a whole murder of crwos were, figuring that maybe there was a kill, We called a bit but no dogs came in. Trace then hit the crow call.  

Oh my gosh. I don't think I'm exaggerating, but I bet 60 crows flew over us and we weren't even hid that well. I'd have given $100 for a shotgun. We could have had a pickup load of crows. Well, next hunt we'll throw in a shotgun and should be able to have a good article off of that hunt. It will be a fun hunt.