Travel Blog: Miami's Peacock Bass Bonanza

News & Tips: Travel Blog: Miami's Peacock Bass Bonanza...

MiamiaPeacockBassBonanza blogI've just got done doing a freshwater peacock bass trip with local on-foot "land guide" Urban Angler Miami and the fishing was absolutely wild. We fished from the eastern bayside edges of the Magic City all the way to its western fringes on the Everglades. And we caught fish at almost every spot we easily accessed from Urban Angler's spotless and fully outfitted SUV.

While our catch included freshwater snook and largemouth bass, the biggest item were the large numbers and sizes of the peacock bass. They were virtually everywhere that my guide, Hai, took me too. We used a combination of lures and a small proportion of live bait and caught (and released) these colorful fighters to over 5 pounds. Hai tells me that his biggest Miami peacock was over 10 pounds, which is a monster that rivals traditional international destinations.

Indeed, for many North American and European anglers whose travel ability has mileage and monetary limits, it is reaching the point that folks need only go to Miami for nice sized peacocks rather than the Amazon. While the rest of South Florida (north of Miami) has peacock bass populations, they are more subject to mortality during bad winters than the more southerly Miami.

Land guide Hai has a completely unique service. While at times he picks up his anglers at Miami International Airport, generally you can drive and meet him at an agreed-upon convenient place in Miami and then join him for the day sitting shotgun in his air conditioned SUV. There is no need to bring anything but yourself, hat, sunglasses, and lots of excitement, knowing your guide has hundreds of spots to fish literally steps away from his vehicle. He has a complete array of spinning outfits, fly rods, and a huge array of terminal tackle. And ice-cold drinks are an arms reach in the back seat.

Hai and I met at 6 a.m. in Miami's trendy Coconut Grove. Within six hours, I had all the action I would need for the day and we left the fish literally in the middle of a good "bite". I was thoroughly satisfied, and I'm sure, I will not be alone.