5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Summer Bluegill Fishing

News & Tips: 5 Easy Ways to Make the Most of Summer Bluegill Fishing...

Outdoor types consider bluegill fishing as American as apple pie and baseball. Many anglers had their passion fired by first catching the ubiquitous bluegill, the most striking member of the sunfish family. Bluegill are plentiful, fun to catch and amazing on the dinner plate. Follow these steps to start your passion for bluegill fishing.

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1. Start Simple Simple

Bluegill fishing is as simple a it gets. For some real, old fashioned fishing fun, you'll need this equipment to get started:

Cane poles or other long fishing rods

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Fishing line

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Small split shot

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Small fishing hooks

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2. Research Spots that Hold Bluegill Populations

Bluegill fishing used to be as simple as going to the local pond or creek. It still is if you live in a rural area. However, if you don't live in the country, begin your search close to home. City and county parks often maintain small ponds and lakes. Most of them will hold bluegill populations. If you want to travel farther from home, check the websites for your state park system and conservation department. Both agencies offer fishing sites and quite often, fishing instruction programs. Many loan equipment, too.

3. Use Live Fishing Bait

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Kids love fishing for bluegill.

Bluegill are voracious eaters of small insects, crustaceans and worms. A wriggly worm or kicking cricket will attract bluegills quickly. Live baits are especially interesting to children. Kids will often spend more time playing with the bait than fishing. My 4-year-old granddaughter, Ally, once gave all 12 of my minnows names before we used them for bait. She asked dozens of questions about the minnows and the fish that would eat them. The enjoyable conversation gave grandpa the open door to teach simple conservation concepts.

4. For Bigger Fish, Go Deeper

Bluegill can be found in every sector of a pond or small lake. Kids like fast action and catching plenty of bluegill will not be a problem. On the other hand, to catch bigger bluegill, you will often have to fish a little deeper to get away from the hordes of smaller fish. Dropping your bait a few feet down near a boat dock piling, or other structure, will do the trick.

5. Have Fun Fishing

Most serious bluegill fishermen will tell you that they fish for bluegills because it is so much fun. Bluegill are aggressive and tremendous fighters for their size. They are a blast to catch on light tackle and have the habit of running perpendicular to the line, causing them to feel 10 times their size. Fishing memories, which will last a lifetime, are often the product of a simple bluegill fishing trip.