Don't Get Caught Unprepared for Spring Weather

News & Tips: Don't Get Caught Unprepared for Spring Weather...

When the longer days and warmer temperatures of springtime arrive, there’s nothing better than getting outside and enjoying yourself. 

That said, springtime weather can seemingly change at the drop of a hat, changing from mild and sunny to stormy with little warning. It’s key that while you’re out basking in the nicer weather, you’re also ready in case it takes a turn, resulting in a thunderstorm, a tornado and/or flooding.

Get yourself prepared for crazy spring weather by following the tips below, compiled from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Weather Service and the American Red Cross:

  • Always plan ahead and be prepared, as spring weather can be difficult to predict.

  • Check the forecast before hiking, camping, fishing, boating and so forth; make a change of plans if bad weather looks to be coming your way.

  • Keep an emergency kit on hand at all times that includes a map, a First Aid Kit, plenty of food and clean water, a signal mirror, emergency blankets, ponchos, medical and insurance information, and emergency contact info.

  • Tune in to NOAA Weather Radio via smartphone or battery-powered radio to stay on top of the latest weather news.

  • In the outdoors, be observant. Dark clouds, strong winds or thunder/lighting are all indications that it’s time to find shelter, even if the forecast says otherwise.

  • In the case of a tornado threat, move to any nearby campground shelters or other secure structures. If no shelter is available, lie down and cover your head in a low area, such as a ravine or ditch. 

  • You should not try to get in your vehicle to try to escape a tornado.

  • If facing the threat of a thunderstorm, strong winds or hail, it is best to seek shelter in a structure or in a hard-topped vehicle. When these shelters are not available, try to shield yourself from the elements with natural safe areas such as a cave.

  • When facing potential flooding, move to high ground immediately.

Stay safe outdoors!

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