British Columbia: Ultimate Multi-Species Hunt

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Looking to hunt big bull elk in one of the most overlooked areas of the animal's range, including the majestic Roosevelt elk subspecies? How about huge Canada and Shiras moose, caribou or grizzly bear? Interested in hunting black bears where their population is denser than anywhere else on Earth? Perhaps you like the mountain species, such as Dall's and Stone's sheep, bighorn sheep or mountain goats. Or maybe even mountain lion. Or deer could be more your speed, including mule deer, blacktail deer and whitetails in some of the best habitat anywhere.

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Whatever big game you're after, British Columbia is the destination for it. (Photo courtesy of Christina Falls Outfitters)

Interested? What if I told you that you can actually do all of this in one place, with some spectacular scenery to boot? Yes, all of these hunting opportunities, and more, can be found in beautiful British Columbia.

British Columbia is a multi-species hunter's dream come true. With habitat as varied as marine coastal and rain forest on the west coast and Vancouver Island, the rugged forested interior, the rich farmland of the eastern region, and of course the Rocky Mountains, this province has just about everything that a big game hunter could ask for. In fact, it has a greater variety of available big game species than any other jurisdiction in North America.

Not surprisingly, B.C. is one of the premier destinations in North America for a legitimate shot to a take a number of big game species on one hunt, with various combinations of elk, moose, caribou, grizzly, black bear, sheep and goats being popular options. Such combo hunts will normally run about 10 days in length for a realistic chance to harvest more than one species. Seasons for mountain species, such as sheep open in August, while hunts for cats and wolves are usually conducted into January or February, with everything else running somewhere in between.

Outfitters such as Grizzly Basin Outfitters, Bearcat Outfitters, Bullhead Mountain Outfitting, Christina Falls Outfitters, Collingwood Brothers Guides & Outfitters and B.C. Safaris offer such packages, and many will custom tailor a hunt to suit your wishes and meet your budgetary and scheduling realities. Many also offer fishing, hiking and sightseeing and deluxe lodge accommodations for non-hunting family members that might like to accompany you. And did I mention the fabulous scenery?

Non-residents are required to be accompanied by a registered guide to hunt big game in B.C. The Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia has a listing of all outfitters in the province. In addition, the B.C. government's website has a wealth of useful information to help you plan your hunt.

Good hunting.