How to Stay Warm Hunting in Extreme Temperatures (video)

News & Tips: How to Stay Warm Hunting in Extreme Temperatures (video)...

When is the best time to hunt whitetails? Of course the best answer is: “Any time you can get out in the woods.” And that means even if it’s below zero. Actually, deer are at their most patternable when temps drop to the single digits and below and the snow is piled up. Daylight or dark, they have to eat to keep the internal furnace fueled! So, if you can find a reliable food source, like an unpicked cornfield or a strategic food plot, you’ll see the deer using it frequently. You just have to gear up for the weather and BE THERE! Here are some helpful tips to keep your extremities — your head, hands and feet — warm and comfortable during your wait — no matter how cold it gets.

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Keeping Your Head Warm - The Versatile Balaclava

The most versatile thing you can wear on your head and neck is a balaclava like the RedHead® EnduraSkin® SCENTINEL® Balaclava.  You can go faced closed, face open or use it as a neck gaiter.


under armour gloves
Under Armour ColdGear Liner Gloves

For Your Hands - Nothing Works Better Than a Hand Muff

A hand muff like the RedHead Camo Fleece Hand Muff. You can increase comfort by using a chemical hand warmer like the HeatMax HotHands Self-Activating Hand Warmer or use the Zippo Outdoor Deluxe 12-Hour Hand Warmer, a refined yet rugged source of flameless, gentle heat that keeps you sharp whether you're hunting, fishing, hiking or camping. Invest in a pair of thin-liner gloves like Under Armour ColdGear Liner Gloves. They let you feel the heat of the warmers inside the hand muff and give you some protection from the bitter cold when its time to shoot.

For Your Feet - Go High Tech With ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

thermaCell insoles
ThermaCELL Heated Insoles

In the woods if you feel the slightest chill on your feet your head won't be on the target. The newest heated insoles from ThermaCELL are rechargable and give you long-lasting, all-day comfort and toasty warmth for your feet. They have Bluetooth-enabled® control from your smart phone or tablet device using an easy-to-use apllication. These foot warmers will keep your feet warm and comfortable for up to 8.5 hours per charge.