Five Must-Have First Aid Kit Items to Help Hikers Avoid Scarring

News & Tips: Five Must-Have First Aid Kit Items to Help Hikers Avoid Scarring...

First Aid KidWhen you’re out hiking on the trail, it’s not all that uncommon to get a few scrapes and cuts as you make your way through brush- and bramble-covered areas, or as you’re traversing challenging stretches of trail that might trip you up.

Thankfully, a few simple First Aid Kit items can help your wounds to heal, while helping you avoid scarring.

Follow these instructions with the items listed to treat cuts and scrapes:

1) Cleansers: Water, Hand Sanitizer, Antiseptic Wipes

Before tending to the wound, be sure to thoroughly clean your hands by rinsing with water, and then applying hand sanitizer.

Then, carefully clean the wound by rinsing with water, then gently treating with antiseptic wipes. If the wound has no debris, allow to air dry.

2) Tweezers

With sanitized tweezers, remove any debris -- such as small pebbles -- from the wound. You may then delicately cleanse the wound with the antiseptic wipes and allow to air dry.

3) Petroleum Jelly

To prevent scarring, it’s important not only to properly cleanse the wound, but also to keep it moisturized. Moisten the injury with petroleum jelly.

4) Bandages

Next, cover the moisturized wound with a bandage. This will help the cut or scrape to heal. It will also help prevent sun exposure, which can cause discoloration.

5) Basic Survival Skills

Take a look at these articles on survival skills to prepare for your next hiking excursion.

This short list of items is all you need to take care of your cuts or scrapes, and keep your skin in good shape.

Happy hiking!