Bass Pro's Chris Lane Extends Lead at St. Johns Elite

Chris Lane Extends His Lead by Chris Lane Extends His Lead...

ChrisAbu Garcia/Mercury/Bass Pro Shops pro Chris Lane continued his leading ways at the Bassmaster Elite Series out of the St. John's River in Palatka, FL. His limit today weighing 19 pounds 9 ounces wasn't as impressive as his 37-pound-plus bag yesterday, but it was enough to increase his lead. Lane's three-day total of 75 pounds 13 ounces gives him a double-digit lead over his closest competitor. In second is Phoenix Boats pro Davy Hite with a three-day total of 63 pounds 5 ounces.Rounding out the Top 5 are Skeeter pro Mark Davis with 61 pounds 7 ounces good enough for third. In fourth is Ranger pro Keith Combs weighing 60 pounds 9 ounces. In fifth is Yamaha pro Alton Jones with a weight of 59 pounds 4 ounces.

Lane not looking

"I haven't looked at a fish all week," said Lane. "I found these fish in practice and having been praying since Monday that they stay there. I'm using my Revo Rocket and making long casts to lily pads. I'm feeling good, but anything can happen on the St. John's.

"I've gotta stay focused if I am going to win. I didn't fish very good today. The first couple of bites I had I wasn't ready for them and missed them. I ain't quitting until I give it everything I've got tomorrow."

Hite happy.

"I'm really happy today," said Hite. "I missed a few yesterday and fell behind. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. I started pitching with a Trigger-X Flutter Worm. I'm excited about tomorrow. I think I can catch 30 pounds. I really do."

No church for Davis.

"If you can't go to church on Sunday, you should be fishing," said Davis. "I feel like I've been gut shot. I've been swinging for the fences. I just didn't get the big fish. I'm not a bit happy with what I caught today. I'm looking forward to fishing tomorrow."

Combs fish finicky.

"Today was a totally different day out there for me," said Combs. "The fish are so finicky here when the wind blows or gets muddy. The clouds come out, the sun comes out, and things change here. The fish are fickle.

"I did the best I could today. You never know, I might catch 40 pounds tomorrow. I'll probably need 40 pounds to win."

No giants for Jones.

"I haven't caught any giant stringers here," said Jones. "I keep chipping away. Maybe I'll find a big stringer tomorrow.

"The smaller field today didn't have an impact on me. I've been fishing by myself. There are not a ton of fish where I'm fishing, but there are enough for one guy to have a lot of fun."