Jacob Wheeler: The Quiet Man

Wheeler Morning Interview by Wheeler Morning Interview...

Wheeler Interview 1Former Forrest Wood Cup (FWC) champion, Plano/Frabill pro Jacob Wheeler, is the quiet man of the Walmart FLW Tour this season. As a former champ, folks know who he is, but he isn't winning events or isn't always in the Top 10. But he is sitting in third in the Angler of the Year (AOY) standing for the season with only two events left. Odds are good this big-game baller will be back at the FWC ready to take home a half-million bucks and the championship title once again.

Wheeler hitting the iron between events.

"When I'm not fishing, I like to keep my body in good shape," said Wheeler. "I like to run a couple of miles each day, do a few hundred crunches and lift weights. It keeps my mind and body ready for fishing competition so I can qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup. Plus at home, the gym I use is only four blocks away. I will run there and back in good weather. It's so close, I have no excuse not to go."

Hush now, don't tell anyone, but Wheeler is having a good season.

"This has been a really quiet season so far for me," said Wheeler. "I'm sitting in third in AOY points, but nobody seems to notice I'm doing this well. Of course, with Cody Meyer and Andy Morgan in front of me, fishing their brains out, I understand why.

"I'm not complaining. It's nice being in this position. A lot of the pressure is off. I know I should qualify for the Forrest Wood Cup as long as I keep catching fish, but who knows, anything can happen in this sport. Heck, if I win the next two events I'm not sure I'd win AOY.

"With Morgan in front, the best bet for me is he forgets to come back from Turkey hunting. He is so good, we could remove the big motor from his boat and leave only his trolling motor and he'd still find the fish and win AOY."

Pro perks.

"One of the cool things I've been able to experience since becoming a pro, is getting to know Paul George from the Indiana Pacers," said Wheeler. "We've gone fishing together and we hang out some. I played a game of horse at his house. He has an indoor basketball court. I got my butt whooped.

"George also put a message on Instagram about fishing with me telling his fans to check me out. I got 1,500 likes in a day after that.  Very cool, and a very nice guy."