Davis and Lane at Opposite Ends

Lane readies his rig  by Lane readies his rig

Even though Lake St. Clair was named the top bass fishing lake in the USA by Bassmaster Magazine, the leaders heading into the final day of the Plano Championship Chase are not fishing there. Skeeter/Yamaha pro Mark Davis from Mount Ida, Arkansas the leader heading into the final day - and Mercury pro Chris Lane out of Guntersville, Alabama are hunting their fish on two different Great Lakes. Davis is fishing Lake Erie and Lane is fishing the mouth of Lake Huron.

Davis fishing outside his comfort zoneDavis

"I'm not a long run guy, but it's paying off," said Davis. "I'm making the long run into Lake Erie. The fishing is getting tougher every day, but the quality of the fish keeps me there. One day, in practice, I had over 25 pounds there. I am all alone fishing that spot.

"I've had some of the most miserable rides of my life going there. I left with just over two hours to get back in yesterday. I made it in with 15 minutes left."

Lane feeling blessed

"I'm fishing the mouth of Lake Huron," said Lane. "I came into this event thinking about making the Classic. It's on my home lake, Guntersville. I knew it wasn't in my hands. I went out to do well and have fun. Things have been going well.

"I've been told I have made the Classic, but for me what is most important today is to seal the deal. I need to catch big ones. I've weighed a 5-pounder every day, but I'd like to weigh a limit of them today."