3 Ways to Heavy Up Your Muskie and Northern Pike Fishing Gear

Fishing northern waters is nothing like bass fishing. The fish are picky, and where they’re at one day isn’t necessarily where they’re at the next. The same goes for presentation and lures. What works once won’t guarantee success again.

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You have to use your head to successfully fish for muskie and northern pike!

If you’re targeting big muskies and northern pike, you should be geared specifically for them, which includes:

1. Heavy fishing rod and baitcasting reel.

2. Heavy fishing line, preferably 80- to 100 pound test super braid lines.

3. Steal fishing leader or heavy fluorocarbon leader to prevent cutoffs. A steel leader also makes it a lot easier to cast and retrieve big baits because they don’t get tangled with the baitcasting equipment. Also, it helps you quickly land bigger fish.

Landing muskies quickly is important because they are susceptible to stress-related expiration, especially in warmer water. So, you want to minimize the actual battle time and get them to the side of the boat and into the fishing net as soon as possible. This improves the chances of a successful release. Check out the variety of softbaits Bass Pro Shops offers.

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