A Muskie Fishing Tip for Use With Spinnerbaits

News & Tips: A Muskie Fishing Tip for Use With Spinnerbaits...

Puffing Triggers MuskiesThis is a tremendous little fishing tip for use with spinners that is easy and I really believe increases strikes. Whether in-line or blade-above-body types, most folks retrieve their spinners straight in. 


These are straight retrieve baits, right?


Some folks will jig spinnerbaits, but ingeneral, a speed is picked and the bait is brought in. 


Regardless of skirt material, I always "puff" a spinner on the way in. Basically, I go twice as fast on part of my revolution with the reel handle on the front side as compared to the back. This way, the retrieve is always mildly erratic. The skirting material is always moving and appears to be breathing. Try it.


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by Pete Maina