Fishing Tip: The Right 3 Bass Baits When It's Hot Out

News & Tips: Fishing Tip: The Right 3 Bass Baits When It's Hot Out...

bass fish hotA lot of anglers give up on bass fishing when it gets really hot out but if you choose the right baits, you can still catch fish.

A plastic worm is pretty hard to beat during the tough, hot days of summer. Use them during the day in murky reservoirs and in clear lakes after dark. Rig Texas-style and fish around offshore weedbeds in shallow natural lakes or fish a Carolina rig off deep points and ledges in reservoirs. Plastic lizards will also work well.

A spinnerbait is a great choice on shallow flats. Choose a white or chartreuse willow leaf model and retrieve it at the speed where the flashing blades are barely visible and bumping cover in the process. At night, try a dark-colored model with a single Colorado blade on offshore humps and stumpy points.

Add to these a jig, a big crankbait, surface poppers, noisy topwater baits, soft jerkbaits and grubs and get out and enjoy summer bass action.

Edwin Evers is a member of the Bass Pro Shops® Pro National Fishing Team