When Baitfish Transition from Deep to Shallow Water - Fishing Tip

September is often the time of year when baitfish transition from deep to shallow water and bass often follow and so should you.

Clumps of baitfish can be located by sonar. Look for pieces of isolated shallow cover with baitfish nearby; these areas will often hold bass. Exactly how shallow depends on the lake; 15 feet is often a good depth, but that’s not a firm rule either.

Creek mouths, drop-offs, points, channels, rock piles, and irregularities in a weedline are good producers. Places with current are attractive to bass as well. Bass may be well-fed, in which case you will have to agitate them into biting.

When you come to an area that you believe holds bass and baitfish, start by covering a lot of water with a fastpaced lure. This will catch most of the more active bass, as well as give you an idea of what specific spots within the overall area hold the most fish.

Use a buzzbait when you see bass breaking the surface or when the surface is rippled but not choppy.