Five Tips for Hunting Duck

Larry Whiteley, host of the award-winning Outdoor World Radio shares five of his tride and true tips for hunting duck.

  1. Don’t ignore your gear until you’re out there trying to set everything up in the pre-dawn darkness.

  2. Don’t wait to find out that you’ve got damaged decoys, that your weights and cords are tangled, or that the battery on your boat is dead.

  3. Look for shiny spots on your duck boat. It could be nothing more than a scratch letting shiny aluminum peek through, but that’s all it takes for asharp- eyed duck to decide to land elsewhere.

  4. Make sure that the camo you wear in the blind matches your environment. Realtree Hardwoods® camo is going to stick out like a sore thumb amongst the reeds of a duck pond. Also, tie on reeds, grasses and other foliage from your hunting area to your boat or blind.

  5. Sometimes it’s the little things that determine whether you come home with a limit of ducks or not.