Tips for Crappie Lure Colors

News & Tips: Tips for Crappie Lure Colors

Lure color is important when it comes to catching crappie. Sometimes, only one color will catch fish; other times several colors work. But sorry folks, there are no precise rules to follow.

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Carry a wide variety of fishing lure colors in case the crappie aren't biting.

You can try matching the fishing Lure to the color of the water. For example, lime or metallic green in greenish water, motor oil or yellow on yellowish lakes, white or blue when the water is clear.

Some anglers like the contrast of bright colors in dark water and dark colors in light water. If you are not carrying a wide variety of colors, you’re making a big mistake. Just keep trying different colors until the crappie let you know what they want.

Also, crappies may hit a particular color for a little while, then quit. You may think the fish have stopped biting or moved away but before leaving that spot, try switching colors.

Whether you’re in it for a trophy slab for the wall or just a big mess to take back home and fry up, there are places around the country that offer some of the best crappie fishing you’ll ever experience

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