Why You Need A New Cabela’s Pellet Grill

grilling ribs on the pro series grill

Cabela’s new and improved line up of pellet grills combine ease of use, performance and versatility with an unmatched ratio of features to value. Available in three configurations, these grills make it easy to grill, smoke, sear and barbecue like a professional. With three models designed for seasoned and soon-to-be grillers alike, these grills make reliably cooking excellent food an attainable and enjoyable proposition.

When considering the breadth of applications that these grills bring to the table, it is useful to think about two things: what the grills make it possible for you to do and how they stack up against other pellet grills. In both of these cases, the prospect of owning a Cabela’s Pellet Grill is a pretty good idea.

First, lets consider what these grills can do. Most fundamentally, they can not only perform very well when smoking, grilling and searing, but make creating great food really, really easy.

Cabela's Pro Series 36" Wi-Fi Pellet Grill
The Pro Series 36: A High Performance, High Capacity, Wi-Fi enabled Grilling Machine

Smoking, Searing and Grilling: As Easy As It Gets

Versatility, performance and ease of use are the calling cards of the Cabela’s Pellet Grills. They are expertly designed to not only impart a wide range of flavors, but to do so with incredible ease.

Just how easy it to use these grills? The two Pro Series Models, available in 24” and 36” configurations, are Wi-Fi enabled and connect to our custom-made Cook with Cabela’s App. Combining the app with the grill’s meat probes opens a whole world of convenience and grilling capacity.

Man using Cabela's Pro Series pellet grill app

This set up allows you to adjust the cook temperature, modify your smoke setting, set an internal temperature target and view the current internal temperature of your meat from your phone. This is pretty amazing stuff that lets you not only expertly smoke briskets, pork shoulders and turkeys, but to do so from anywhere.

Combining the app connectivity with the grill’s meat probe takes performance to a whole new level. The probe removes all of the guess work from smoking, grilling and wondering if your meat is ready.

Cook With Cabela's App
The Cook With Cabela’s App is custom made for expert grilling. Set internal temperature targets, receive notifications on cook status, order grill supplies and more.

Not only can you tell the internal temperature in real time, but you can precisely forecast your cook time as well. The Cook with Cabela’s App even allows you to receive notifications when you are nearing the target internal temperature and when you get there. The result: precisely prepared meats and vegetables—reliably cooked to your desired level of doneness.

Hardwood Pellets and the Ability to Moderate Heat and Smoke

When it comes to a grill’s ability to impart flavor, there exist three primary determinants.

  1. Temperature
  2. Composition of Fuel
  3. Smoke

The Cabela’s line up of pellet grills is designed to provide a range of options in each dimension. It is this combination of features that enables the grills to perform a wide array of grilling, smoking and barbecuing applications.

Cabela's Pro Series 24" Wi-Fi Pellet Grill
The Pro Series 24: a Wi-Fi enabled, app connected grilling and smoking machine.


The temperature at which you cook meat plays a prominent role in determining its final product—flavor, texture and moisture content. High temperatures, 350 and above, are great for grilling and searing. Lower temperatures, 200-250, are necessary for smoking meat for long periods of time.

Searing meat creates a crust through a chemical process known as the Maillard Reaction. The application of high temperatures to meat sets off a series of reactions whereby reducing sugars interact with amino acids to create not only the characteristic browning, but complex flavor profiles that are impossible to replicate.

adjusting the temperature for Cabela's pro series grill

The Cabela’s Pellet Grill’s ability to precisely regulate cooking temperature means that you can sear your meat and then reduce temperature for the remainder of your cook time. Were your entire cook to take place at temperature hot enough to sear, the result would likely be an unevenly cooked steak—burned on the outside but raw in the middle… or done on the inside but dry, crunchy and not very tasty on the outside.

When it comes to smoking, low and slow is the name of the game. The smoking process allows you to impart flavor as you steadily increase the internal temperature of a piece of meat over a longer period of time.

Ever wondered how smoking works? Here’s a couple of pointers…

Smoke Rings 101: The characteristic smoke ring found in a properly executed brisket or pork butt results from a chemical reaction between citric acid produced by burning wood and myoglobin in the meat. You can’t get this by cooking it in the oven.

pork shoulders being grilled

Why do you need to cook brisket and pork shoulders for so long? Naturally these cuts are tough because the meat contains quite a bit of connective tissue. This tissue is composed of a substance called collagen. When heated to between 185-195 degrees, collagen breaks down and turns into gelatin. This is the way that Jello™ is made.

While the meat tissue in a brisket or pork shoulder becomes tougher when cooked to 195 degrees (cooking a ribeye to 195 degrees would make it tougher and dryer than a piece of boot leather), the connective tissue breaks down. This is not only the reason why you smoke brisket and pork shoulders so long, but its why you can “pull” your pork and cut a slice brisket with a fork.

While you may not need to worry about the science behind grilling and smoking, the Cabela’s Pellet Grills have you covered. Every offering features fully adjustable temperature settings that range from 160 to 450 degrees. This range allows you to not only perform nearly every barbecue application on the spectrum, but to do them all well, easily and consistently.

Composition of Fuel

The Cabela’s Pellet Grill line up burns premium hardwood pellets. These pellets are available in a variety of compositions—Hickory, Mesquite, Cherry, Apple, Competition Blend, and Bourbon BBQ Brown Sugar.

This variety of fuel types allows you to match your pellets to suit what you are cooking and how you plan to cook it. Each pellet type brings its own characteristic flavor profile. The flavor differences they impart stem from differences in the chemical composition of wood varieties and the temperature at which they burn.

Hardwoods are grilling and smoking staples. They impart stronger flavor profiles and work well with most all kinds of meat. Cherry and apple pellets are known for the more subtle, sweeter flavors they give to what they cook.

smoking using Cabela's Pro Series grill

Smoke Settings

Each of the Cabela’s Pellet Grills comes equipped with a 10-level adjustable smoke setting. If you enjoy a smoky flavor, dial it up. If you prefer a more mild offering, just dial it back a bit.

The ability to produce more smoke not only benefits briskets, pork butts and other traditional barbecue staples, but allows you to smoke fish (Spanish mackerel or kingfish make great smoked fish dip), vegetables or any number of things. With either of the Pro Series offerings, you can adjust the smoke setting straight from your phone through the app.

More Pellet Grill for Your Money

Just how does Cabela’s new line up of pellet grills stack up against other pellet grills? Very well…

Cabela’s Pellet Grills are packed with more features and functions for the price than competing brands. The value proposition means more than savings, but may be also expressed in terms of ease of use and grilling performance.

Cabela's Deluxe Pro Series 24" Pellet Grill
Deluxe 24: A Well-rounded, high performance pellet grill designed for those who want to get into grilling.

Each of these grill models includes a number of flavor and convenience features.

Flavor features include: smoke control technology, specialized smoke settings—with 10 levels of adjustment, two meat probes, and the ability to pair your pellet type to your preferred style of cooking.

Convenience features include: a super easy ash clean out trap, an easy hopper pellet clean out system, and electric auto-start ignitions.

grilling shish kabobs and meats on grill

The two Pro Series models bring Wi-Fi and app connectivity that allow you to dictate every aspect of your grilling experience from your smart phone. The Cook with Cabela’s App is custom made for grilling enthusiasts. You can set it up to send notifications about your cook—a note when your reach your target internal temperature (or are getting close)—and when your grill requires maintenance.

Similarly equipped, Wi-Fi enabled pellet grills from competing brands cannot match the price point offered here. This commitment to value and quality, to making the outdoors (and a great patio grilling experience) accessible to families, is a trend that informs everything that Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s does.

The benefits of owning these grills, however, extend far beyond value and price. When compared to other pellet grills, there are a few areas where they particularly shine.

Pellet Management

The Cabela’s Deluxe Pellet Grill comes standard with an 18-pound pellet hopper. The 24” and 36” Pro Series models are equipped with 22-pound hoppers.

man fill grill with smoker pellets
Cook with Cabela’s is your source for spices, pellet grills, pellets and all the accessories you’ll need along the way.

These large payloads are really useful for a variety of reasons. First, they allow you to set up long cooks without need of adding pellets during the process.

This means that you can set up a brisket or pork shoulder to smoke overnight without need to wake up to check on your pellet level. This also means that you could start smoking a pile of ribs on your lunch break and have them ready for dinner…

In addition to the large capacity, these grills have an easy pellet clean out system. With the pull of a lever you can remove pellets from the hopper. This means that you can easily clean out pellets after your cook or change pellet varieties while grilling.

Easy Cleaning

In addition to being very easy to use, the Cabela’s Pellet Grills are designed to be easy to clean. This starts with the pellet clan out system and includes the grill’s removable grates (which are dishwasher safe) and the simple and straight forward ash clean out system.

To clean the ashes after the cook, simply pull the knob and the ash drops into the ash cup. Then just remove the cup, which fastens to the bottom of the grill, and dispose of the ashes. Not only is the clean out easy—just pull a knob and remove a cup, but the ashes are self-contained, and the cleaning process does not require getting your hands dirty or greasy.

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s: Your Source for Grilling

Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s is your source for everything you need for grilling. Our grilling lineup includes spices, rubs, seasonings and sauces, pellets, grills, and all of the accessories you’ll need to complete your set up. If you enjoy grilling fish or wild game, we can help you with the hunting and fishing part, too.