Tips For Making The Ultimate Man Cave

News & Tips: Tips For Making The Ultimate Man Cave

Man Cave MooseWe love a good man cave.

And we’re not alone. There are DIY websites all over the Internet that are devoted to upgrades for the just-for-guys space in the house, and there’s even a man cave TV show with episodes showing lucky guys getting help turning a room in their home into the man cave of their dreams!

And now, man caves -- like living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms -- can actually be considered “official” rooms in your house: The term “man cave” has landed its very own slot in the dictionary, according to Merriam-Webster.

So how do you get started on building your own ultimate man cave?

Begin by thinking about what YOU want. Do you want your man cave to function as a game room, with a pool table or poker table? A comfortable home bar, stocked with a variety of beverages? A quiet reading room, with all your favorite hunting magazines, books and hunting journals? A workshop, where you can build things with your hands? Or maybe a full-blown media center, where you can play video games, catch a football game and watch some of your favorite old movies?

Consider what you want from your man cave before digging in. Once you’ve come to a conclusion about what you’ll use the space for, consider these man cave-outfitting options below:

Get Some Cushy Furniture. When you descend into the man cave, you’re going to want to relax, so comfortable seating is a must -- even if you’re only using the furniture to take short breaks from a project in your man cave workshop. Make sure you’ve got plenty of sitting room for your buddies, too, if your man cave is going to be a big hangout destination for you and the guys.

Add A TV. A big screen will, of course, be essential for a media center, but you might even want to include an inexpensive TV in a man cave that’s primarily used for activities that don’t center around a television. Why? You can always tuck that TV away in a cabinet-style entertainment center when you’re focusing on other things, and then open up the cabinet doors for those times you want a peaceful retreat where you can watch “your” programming every so often.

Don’t Forget The Decor. Sure, “decor” sounds like the last thing that needs to be in a man cave. But really, you’re going to want some room decorations. To give you some ideas: Paint the room your favorite color, add some photos on the wall that showcase your latest big hunt, hang some posters of your favorite sports teams and athletes, or show off your mounts.


Have you got ideas for a great man cave that you’d like to share? Tell us all about your tips in the comments section!

Enjoy your man cave!

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