5 Common Items That Can Be Used While Camping

News & Tips: 5 Common Items That Can Be Used While Camping...

camp shopWe’re back with the follow-up to the post “Everyday Items That Can Be Used for Survival and on the Hunt.” This time, we’re focusing on everyday items that can be used when camping.

Check out the ideas below, and be sure to add any of your own thoughts to the comments section!

  1. Pill bottles, film canisters, Altoid tins – Keep all the little things you need neatly organized by repurposing these packaging items. From storing quarters for coin-operated showers, to holding cotton swabs, to stowing sewing needles, you can keep tabs on your small camping necessities with these containers.

  2. Clothes dryer lint – You probably know that you should keep your dryer’s lint trap clean, as lint buildup can pose a fire risk. However, what’s bad for the dryer is good for the campfire: Dryer lint works as excellent tinder if you’re trying to get a fire started.

  3. Aluminum foil – Don’t toss out the foil you used while preparing your dinner just yet – repurpose it! Simply crumple it up, and you’ve got an effective tool for scrubbing your camp grill’s grates. In addition, crumpled foil can be used to scour pots and pans, as well.

  4. Cornstarch – The cornstarch you bring along to thicken your campfire gravies and soups can also be used for personal care. Soothe sunburns or bug bites by creating a paste from water and cornstarch, applying it to the affected area and then rinsing clean. Additionally, cornstarch can absorb oil from hair between showers; simply sprinkle a bit of cornstarch at roots, let it set for a few minutes to absorb the oil and then comb it out.

  5. Old shower curtains/liners – Just because that old shower curtain is a bit out of style doesn’t mean it should be tossed out. Use these as tarps or drop cloths at your campsite.

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