Snoozing in the Outdoors: Tips for a Good Night’s Rest

News & Tips: Snoozing in the Outdoors: Tips for a Good Night’s Rest...

Woman Wakes Up In TentFor many, camping is an opportunity to get away from it all -- to unplug, to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, to rest up and to recharge.

It can often be difficult for campers to get acclimated to sleeping in the outdoors, however, which can really throw a wrench into the whole “rest and relaxation” objective of camping.

Here are a few tips to help you rest easy on your next camping excursion:

Pitch your tent in a good spot

Avoid uneven or sloped ground, if possible, and pitch your tent on a smooth, level patch of ground.

Give yourself some cushion

To separate yourself from the cold, hard ground, pack along an air bed, a sleeping pad or a cot. For additional comfort, bring along a pillow.

Note, too, that even if the plan is to fit several people to a tent, one huge air bed for the whole group isn’t the most comfortable option, as even slight movements can be felt by everyone sharing the air bed. Opt, instead, for individual air beds, sleeping pads or cots. 

Maintain a comfortable temperature all night

To choose the right bedding and sleepwear, you need to know what the weather is going to be like on the nights you’re camping. Will it be hot and humid? Will temperatures drop down low? The answers to these questions will help you determine what to pack to stay comfortable all night long.

On hot nights, for example, campers may want to wear only shorts and a T-shirt, with a lightweight sheet for bedding. In addition, consider a portable fan that helps to circulate air in the tent. On cold nights, however, campers will want to wear socks, long underwear and a hat in addition to warm pajamas, and use a sleeping bag with the correct temperature rating. (This rating tells you for which temperatures a sleeping bag is appropriate.) A good option for keeping warm, as well, is a portable propane heater, which provides safe, reliable heat.

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Shut out distractions

While it’s awesome if you can enjoy the elements of nature into the nighttime -- cricket chirps, owls hoots and all -- the nature immersion isn’t for everyone once bedtime rolls around. To help make things a bit more like home, bring along an eye shade, and block out distracting noises with ear plugs or a white noise app on your smartphone.

What helps you get a good night’s rest when you’re camping?