Yurt Camping 101

News & Tips: Yurt Camping 101


It's not exactly "glamping" (glamorous camping), but yurt camping is pretty close.

You may be wondering, "What, exactly, is a yurt?"

Let us explain. In a nutshell, a yurt is a rather primitive portable round structure, typically built of wood. It sits atop a raised platform, and is covered by weatherproof canvas or other fabrics and insulation materials. Yurts look like this:

While yurts have traditionally been used as shelters in other cultures by nomadic peoples, the structures have become a presence in the United States. They are now available for campers to rent, all across the country.

The structures are a fine alternative to other lodging used while camping, such as tents or cabins. They add convenience to a trip, as campers don't have to pack or pitch a tent, and rentals often include furniture and access to electricity.

For those who enjoy the outdoors but prefer to shower and then sleep in a bed at the end of the day, yurt camping can be quite the enjoyable experience, as it's a cut above traditional camping in terms of comfort and convenience.

And for those who are brand-new to camping, this is also an ideal way to gradually adjust to the experience while still holding on to some of the comforts of home.

Note that while yurts will save you from packing a tent or air mattress, sleeping bags or bedding are typically needed, along with other camping supplies such as a First Aid Kits and survival gear, flashlights and so on.

Curious where to rent a yurt in your area? Check out this comprehensive listing from Yurts.com for more information.

Happy yurting!